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So what is ClubSmile?

ClubSmile is your teeth whitening and oral care ally. We deliver teeth whitening and oral care products, on a smart schedule, to your door. Why? Because if you're whitening any other way, you're losing money. The effects from teeth whitening fade over time; to keep them up and maximize your value, you must do so regularly! Also, the American Dental Association recommends replacing your toothbrush and dental supplies every 3-4 months to maximize your oral health. For those reasons, we designed an easy-to-follow, smart schedule that allows you to first whiten your smile, then maintain and enhance your results throughout the year by using the products we send in our follow-up packages. 

Depending on the program you choose, we will send you either a year of teeth whitening supplies (packages delivered every quarter); or, a year of teeth whitening and fresh oral care supplies (toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc), on the same schedule. ClubSmile is convenience, results, savings, confidence. 

What do I get? 

We offer two options: our SmileEssentials program, for a year of teeth whitening; or our CompleteCare program which includes the year of whitening plus a year's supply all of the oral care supplies you use. 

The teeth whitening products we use were chosen specifically to minimize sensitivity and maximize results. We send you carbamide peroxide twice a year, and non-peroxide percarbonate gel twice a year. The carbamide peroxide cleans deep for longer lasting results, but can cause sensitivity; while the percarbonate gel is fast-acting with no sensitivity, but results can fade sooner. With our customized programs, you get the best of both worlds on the ideal schedule.

Is it a subscription, contract, etc?

Yes and no. With ClubSmile you get all of the benefits of a subscription--regular deliveries and reliable results--without the headache of being locked into anything. No surprises, no hassle, no cancelation fees. If you're not satisfied, let us know within 30 days for a refund; if you want to stop, just let us know!

After a year it starts over again, uninterrupted! If you don't want a new, fresh CustomFit kit you can opt-out and just receive a whitening gel refill syringe to use with your originally issued kit.

Is it one-size-fits-all?

Absolutely not! We have a variety of gels available--everyone is different. If what you currently have isn't right, you let us know. We'll replace it with a different one until the fit is right. 

Was it started/is it run by dentists?

We work with dentists; we formulated our approach with them and have a panel with whom we consult regularly (only the best! our panel includes currently practicing dentists, and university level dental school professors). Also, all products we use were created by dentists here in the USA for safe, effective use at home. 

Ok, it's sounding pretty good. but how am I sure it's safe and will work?

Our products have been rigorously tested and proven effective. If it's not working out, send yours back and we'll find a stronger or gentler gel for you. And take your before and after picutres! That's a sure way to see measurable progress. The products are made in the USA, FDA approved, safe. We believe in transparency and therefore include ingredients lists and detailed instructions with every product. We feature the following gels:

  • 44% carbamide peroxide
  • 36% carbamide peroxide
  • 22% carbamide peroxide
  • 17% carbamide peroxide
  • non-peroxide, percarbonate gel

and yes, we have more than these still; but these are our go-to's. The default for our CustomFit kit (and refill syringe) is 36% carbamide peroxide; for our MagicWand pens (3rd and 9th months into treatment), the non-peroxide percarbonate gel is default.

[Carbamide peroxide breaks down to hydrogen peroxide (the active ingredient) in 1/3 the strength; for example, 36% carbamide is the equivalent of 12% hydrogen peroxide.]

Will I experience sensitivity?

Since everyone is different, it's possible. But we designed our programs to minimize it! The Carbamide peroxide gels penetrate enamel to lift deeper-set stains, and can cause minor sensitivity; but for this reason we only send these gels out twice a year, at most. The others are our MagicWand whitening pens filled with our non-peroxide percarbonate gel, which does not cause sensitivity. If you experience any sensitivity, send it back and we can try a gentler strength or the non-peroxide gel. 

What can I expect?

Instantly getting a stunning, snow-white smile sounds great, right? We agree! There are some products on the market that claim to offer such results (and with multiple treatments some can). There are also, unfortunately, some major downsides associated with these particular products! They are very expensive; they can only be administered by dentists, in-office; and they contain very high, unsafe concentrations of chemicals. AND to top it all off, the results from these products will still inevitably fade over time! No bueno :'( 

We understood this, and addressed it when designing our intelligent approach to teeth whitening. Rather than feature those products, we wanted to make sure we arrived at a happy medium of convenience, safety, efficacy, and value. With our products you will see results (in as little as 1-3 days); but you'll also be able to use them on your own schedule, maximize your value by maintaining your results, AND they're totally safe and easy for you to use in the comfort of your own home.  

[*Results will vary depending on how white your teeth were to begin, how much you've whitened in the past, how frequently you do your treatments, etc. Taking before and after pics is always recommended.]

If you made it this far, good for you! you might know a lot more about teeth whitening than when you started.

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