Club Smile

please, take a test drive.

Not sure if ClubSmile is right for you? We totally understand.
We're confident you'll like it, and we'll even foot the bill for you for the first 30 days. 

Beginning your free trial is easy!

  1. Follow us on Instagram and/or join our email list to get the Coupon of the Month
  2. Order your SmileEssentials or CompleteCare program, and use the Coupon of the Month at checkout
  3. The coupon activates your free trial! You will be billed nothing, and receive a MagicWand pen to try out
  4. If you like it and want to continue, do nothing! You'll be charged 30 days later when your CustomFit kit ships. You'll still get all the quarterly deliveries as scheduled--the extra MagicWand pen up front is just our gift to you :) 


Our MagicWand non-peroxide, percarbonate gel pens are best-sellers and retail for $30. The gel is safe and fast-acting!

To use: simply twist the handle a couple of times, smile wide and paint on your teeth; let sit for 30-60 seconds. Then wipe off the gel with your tongue and expectorate; don't eat or drink anything besides water for 60 minutes. 

Results are visible in as soon as 1-3 days, without any sensitivity! 

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