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the intelligently designed teeth whitening program


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  • CustomFit kit- personalized to you for natural, glowing results.
    • Kit includes: customized whitening trays + case; 10ml of our trend-setting whitening gel in the strength of your choice; 2ml of desensitizing gel; LED light; plastic zip-loc and cotton drawstring travel-ready carrying cases
    • Best results: use daily for 30-60 minutes; 10-14 day treatment

Delivered upon purchase

  • MagicWand pens- compact and portable, to maintain + enhance your results.
    • ​ Includes: 2ml pen with travel-ready cotton tote; gel strength of your choice (44-, 36-, 22-, or 17% carbamide peroxide, or non-peroxide)
    • Best results: use 2x daily for 30-60 seconds; 10-14 day treatment

Delivered between deep cleanings twice a year, 3- and 9-months into program

  • CustomFit refillstay beautiful inside and out with a kit refill 6 months into your program.
    • Includes: a 10ml syringe refill for your kit, with your gel strength of choice
    • Best results: same steps as kit for deep clean; or use 1x a week for maintenance 

Delivered 6 months after CustomFit kit

  • SmileBright foam- want to whiten while you brush? we include our dentist-designed foam that functions as an optional replacement to your current toothpaste.
    • ​Inculdes: 50ml bottle (2-4 month supply) that cleans, freshens, and whitens; peroxide and non-peroxide available
    • Best results: use daily when brushing

Delivered with kit and kit refill, at start and 6 months into program

  • Free upgrade- want more? let us know and we'll throw in an additional pen or 5ml syringe refill at no charge.

Delivered upon request


-complete care-

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  • SmileEssentials program-  includes our essential, customized teeth whitening program.
    • ​Includes: CustomFit kit, MagicWand pens, CustomFit refill, SmileBright foam.

Delivered on same schedule

  • OralCare packages-  all the dental products you already use, delivered. we simply add convenience and savings to the formula. 
    • ​ Includes: quarterly deliveries with fresh toothbrushes (manual, or fresh heads for electric), toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash. Don't use all of those? Don't need them quarterly? No problem. You'll only get what you use, when you need it. 
    • We feature all brands:
      • ​Colgate
      • Crest
      • Oral B
      • Rembrandt
      • Sensodyne
      • and more

Delivered quarterly with whitening products