Club Smile


These terms of service are a legal agreement between customer and Club Smile. By using website and/or products from Club Smile, they affirm they are 18 years of age or older, or have been given permission by their parent/guardian to do so. The terms of service are including but not limited to the following:


Product effectiveness, Inherent Risks of Use and Waiver of Liability: Teeth whitening products used by Club Smile are meant for natural teeth only, and may cause gum irritation, tooth sensitivity, and other possible side effects. These can occur from both proper or improper use of products, intentionally or unintentionally. By agreeing to these terms, customer understands and accepts responsibility for those risks and waives any liability against Club Smile. Always follow all included instructions and avoid product contact with anything other than teeth. Club Smile emphasizes discontinuing use of any product causing any undesirable or unexpected effects.


Acknowledgement of Automatic payments and Renewals: Club Smile subscriptions will be processed on an automatic monthly schedule. At the end of the subscription year, customer will automatically be sent a brand new custom tray whitening kit and billed the full membership fee corresponding with their subscription, unless they notify Club Smile not to by opting-out. Opting-out can be done by replying to the end of subscription year notice emails sent to all customers during their 11th month of service. Opting out will allow them to pay a reduced membership fee and not receive a new tray kit. We reserve the right to discontinue service and/or leverage collection agencies in case of untimely payment of bills.


Cancellations, Refunds and Returns: Club Smile guarantees customer satisfaction. There are no cancelation fees. To cancel, customer must notify clubsmileteam@gmail.com; service will be discontinued the first day of the following month, no pro-rated refunds will be granted. Returns and refunds must be made within 30 days of receipt of product in question. In the event of refunds/dissatisfaction, customer must contact clubsmileteam@gmail.com with explanation and mention of product(s) in question. Club Smile will refund the membership fee and most recent month’s payment, less the cost of return shipping for product(s) identified as unsatisfactory. Club Smile leaves room for other accommodations and/or full refunds to be allowable in some cases, at Club Smile’s discretion. Unopened/unused products may be returned without notice for full refund, less shipping, as long as done within 30 days.  


Acknowledgement of personal use: customer agrees to only use subscription/products for personal use and will not resell, distribute, or in any other form use subscription/products other than for their own individual personal use.


Club Smile reserves the right to reserve service to anyone(s) for any reason at any time. This document is not to be considered all-inclusive and will be amended as Club Smile deems necessary and reasonable.